Letters to the Editor

We should do it

The cost of repairing the Cayucos Pierwould be much less, and the pier itself would be a more meaningful part of the Central Coast community, if we did it ourselves.

Assuming that there is an approved plan, the work of repairing the pier could be shared by local contractors and by volunteer workers. I know at least one contractor who would probably contribute hours to that work, and there are certainly others. I would not be alone in volunteering my own labor. A manager hired to oversee the work could apportion jobs among willing contractors, and coordinate the work of volunteers. Building supplies could be donated or provided at cost.

Our local contractors are certainly capable of doing that work, and the shared work on it would make the pier an enduring symbol of our community’s ability to work together for the common good. A memorial plaque could acknowledge the volunteers, and the plaque’s installation would be occasion for a great celebration.