Letters to the Editor

Atheist attack

I have been to Pismo Beach City Council meetings before when the chaplain has hosted invocation, and I believe he has not done anything that breaks the city’s law. I believe the SLO Atheists United group is attacking him because he is a Christian, and if it were lead by a Buddhist priest, then I doubt there would be a squaller.

I hope that the City Council members know a lot of the population they represent label themselves as Christian. The council also represents the congregations that operate in the city. These Christians and religious believers give back to our community and run the area’s only soup kitchen. I don’t see the atheist group getting together and serving as much as religious believers. Instead, it wastes taxpayer dollars on this lawsuit. The congregations in our city and the city chaplain are not bible-thumpers and do not attack atheists like this group attacks them.

If the city and judge fire the chaplain, then we are allowing a small minority to dictate over the majority. Protect our rights Pismo Beach City Council and tell this group to “knock it off.”