Letters to the Editor

State of country

Reading The Tribune’s Nov. 5 edition made me sad for the state of our country — just the first page was enough to make me worry that the land in which my grandchildren are growing up has some serious problems. Not only was invoking God’s name criticized and used as a reason for court cases (even if no specific religion is mentioned) but questions were raised as to the “requirement” for people to profess they will uphold the Constitution within certain frameworks.

This country is a land where many trust in God — and we uphold the Constitution — and more and more I am coming to realize that in the name of political correctness, many are fearful to say anything that will make them sound as if they do.

I am standing up here and now and saying I believe in God and support the Constitution, and I hope that those who don’t feel I should be able to say so will remember that the reason they are here is for all to have freedom of speech. So perhaps we might all count our blessings and work on solving the myriad of other problems we face as one nation under God.