Letters to the Editor

Wait outside

The city of Pismo Beach is under attack from the Atheists United group. I have a suggestion that worked for me, and no lawyers were involved.

As a public school teacher, the first period always began with the Pledge of Allegiance. One year on the first day of school, I noticed a boy not standing for the pledge. Later that day, I pulled him aside and asked why he didn’t stand with the class. He said his parents instructed him that since the words, “under God” were spoken, it was against his beliefs. I understood his situation and asked him to be outside my room on time for the bell, but to not come inside until after the pledge. He seemed happy with that, and we never had any problems. The school was not sued, no lawyers were involved and no one ever noticed the fact he came in to class a little late.

Since the atheists do not want to hear the opening prayer, why can’t they just wait a few minutes and then enter the meeting? The last thing Pismo needs is a drawn-out lawsuit where, in the end, the only winners are the lawyers.