Letters to the Editor

Pray on own time

Shirley Rutland thinks “we” bend over backward to accommodate all religions, but is tired of efforts to eliminate expressions of purely Christian belief from public life, specifically invocations at Pismo’s council meetings.

In reality, all of us collectively must tolerate all religions, including Christianity. It is one of the three things that makes this country decidedly unique: Not only do we not have an official religion, we officially don’t have an official religion. Our founders decided that since it is not possible to incorporate all religions into all aspects of public life, it was better to eliminate all religions from all government actions to avoid even the appearance of favoring one over others, or any over none. If you doubt that intention, read Justice Souter’s concurring opinion in Lee vs. Weisman (505 US 577). If you wish to, pray for those in power, but do so on your own time and allow government meetings to get on with the business of governing.