Letters to the Editor

Monthly costs

Re: Jerry Rioux and Jim Mallon’s rebuttal letters Nov. 6 to my letter Nov. 1:

Mr. Rioux, the patient’s out-of-pocket monthly cost is $689 before any Medi-Cal coverage kicks in. This is not the cost to “purchase insurance” (which would lead to the premium tax credit you refer to). Again, how does someone live on $600 per month? How can the new system mandate a patient pay 53 percent of their income on health care costs? I stand by my letter as one example of how the new system is worse for this one patient. How it was explained to me by the Covered California staff is that the Federal Maintenance Need is $600 per month. This is for rent, food, gas, utilities, etc. — whether the patient lives in Arkansas or California.

To Mr. Mallon, I have the “Notice of Action MC 239 B-M” letter from San Luis Obispo County as proof, which I can fax to The Tribune with the patient’s name, address and Social Security number redacted, if you or The Tribune requires proof.