Letters to the Editor

Give credit where its due

Having read the copious articles published about Al Moriarty/Moriarty Enterprises, I was shocked to see his name so prominently on display at a recent sold-out soccer game (11,000 people in attendance) at Cal Poly.

That scoreboard was allegedly paid for by Moriarty with the monies of the men and women (many elderly and now robbed of their lifetime savings) he stole from. Tens of millions of dollars were taken from investors who trusted this man.

So as Al Moriarty sits in his jail cell donning his orange jumpsuit, I propose that the Moriarty Enterprises Cal Poly scoreboard, if not replaced entirely, should be at the very least covered with signage giving credit to the real financiers of the scoreboard — the plaintiffs listed in the 19 civil complaints filed against Moriarty at the San Luis Obispo County Superior Court.