Letters to the Editor

Tarica wrong on Diablo

For years, Joe Tarica has claimed that the Diablo Canyon plant’s discharge of heated water into the ocean is no big deal. He now claims that measures to halt the practice are “all to save a bunch of little larvae from one small cove” (“Diablo Canyon may want to consider this modest proposal,” Nov. 2). He’s still wrong.

Concerning the proposals to mitigate Diablo’s thermal impacts, donating an easement on thousands of acres of coastal property won’t achieve the state’s goal of restoring marine life. Building artificial reefs was tried as mitigation at San Onofre. They didn’t work.

That’s why those “modest proposals” are nonstarters. Before continuing the plant’s thermal discharge for another 20 years, PG&E would have to show that any measure proposed to mitigate those damages will create and preserve as much sea life as Diablo is destroying. That’s the requirement of the state water board, which knows more than Tarica does about the environmental harm this practice inflicts.