Letters to the Editor

Speak up on sewer

A couple of months ago, my wife and I participated in a public workshop for input on the new sewer plant. There were about 60 members of the public in attendance. I noted that some of them do not live in Morro Bay. We were given stickers (votes) to designate our opinion regarding various design elements.

Recently, we attended workshop No. 2. This was another public input opportunity. Again our input was solicited about design elements. It seemed like there were about 40 from the public. Again some were not Morro Bay residents.

It is worrisome that a few dozen vocal people are making these decisions. We are on track to receive a monument with a cost well in excess of $100 million. With interest and operating costs included, any number can triple over a 30-year period.

For a population of 10,000 (13,000 if Cayucos joins with us) that is more than $30,000 in debt per man, woman and child.

People of Morro Bay, you better participate and make your wishes known before it is too late. At this writing, the next public input opportunity will be the Tuesday, Nov. 12, City Council meeting.