Letters to the Editor

Insurance plan

I’ve been self-employed for 25-plus years, and during that time I’ve always had health insurance. I chose a high-deductible plan to keep my premium payments down. This strategy saved me thousands of dollars over the years because the money I saved from lower premium was much more than the out-of-pocket expenses I incurred.

I like my plan. I want to keep it. Barack Obama, Lois Capps and Barbara Boxer promised me again and again that I could. Turns out, though, they knew in 2010 that the insurance policies of millions like me would be canceled. And today their attitude about the 2 million people whose insurance companies have already canceled them has been very cavalier.

People who buy individual plans are “a mere sliver of the population — only 5 percent.” But we’re talking 14 million people. Remember back in 2009 when they were outraged that 30 million people were uninsured? But somehow today, 14 million people losing their insurance is no big deal. Obama says “just shop for another plan.” Where? On http://healthcare.gov? Is he so out-of-touch he doesn’t know the site doesn’t work?

When Capps and Boxer are up for election, remember that these two officials voted for and promoted this lie.