Letters to the Editor

Renewable and firm

In order to cut our carbon emissions, some people advocate for increased nuclear energy to provide a consistent power supply. Others advocate for greater development of renewable energy sources using solar, wind, geothermal and wave technology.

The main objection to the renewable energy approach is the inability to maintain a “firm” energy supply during nighttime hours and fluctuating weather conditions. However, the California Public Utilities Commission now requires every investorowned utility to build 1,325 megawatts of energy storage by 2020, which will enable utility companies to deliver a “firm” power supply regardless of how it is generated.

It may be feasible for Diablo Canyon to be converted from nuclear generation to alternative energy production. Over the coming decade, mandated energy storage, along with solar, wind and wave production technologies, could be installed by PG&E on Diablo Canyon property. The nuclear plant could then be decommissioned, thus avoiding costly upgrades, while PG&E continues to produce energy using cheaper, cleaner and safer production technologies.

This course would not only make our community safer, it would create more jobs in our area. So, PG&E, how about it?