Letters to the Editor

Religious expression

I was disappointed to read about the Freedom from Religious Foundation’s lawsuit against Pismo Beach regarding chaplain prayers Nov. 5.

Is anyone else tired of the systematic effort to eliminate all forms of Christian expression from public life? We bend over backward to accommodate all types of religious, ethnic and social groups except those that hold Christian beliefs, despite the fact that Christianity has played an overwhelmingly positive role in human history: combating slavery, poverty and political oppression — and promoting education, humanitarian relief and freedom.

Eliminating religious expression in order to create a secular, humanist “utopia” will do nothing to solve the world’s — or the local community’s — problems. I would venture to guess that Pismo Beach has more pressing issues than the presence of a Christian chaplain at its City Council meetings.

I encourage City Attorney Dave Fleishman to stand his ground against this frivolous lawsuit, and it is my hope that the Supreme Court will put an end to this nonsense as well.