Letters to the Editor

A slow ascent begins

Complaints of higher insurance costs due to Obamacare are increasing. The comparison of insurance plans and their costs is the heart of the Affordable Care Act. No wonder the website is broken; for-profit insurance is broken.

My previous insurance was expensive, useful only for catastrophic care, leaving me with high copays and deductibles; essentially, no practical coverage at all. Though insured, I could not afford to go to the doctor. To top it off, the rates increased every year.

Conservatives rightfully fear the ACA is the beginning of a slow conversion to universal health care. Dumping millions of never-before-insured patients on the existing medical system would have overloaded it. Easing into universal coverage through the cumbersome process of Obamacare will allow those who rarely see a doctor begin their road to health, while the medical system ramps-up for increased need.

Not-for-profit health care scares conservatives — they see it as the slippery slope to socialism. Better said, it is the slow ascent from capitalism. Unabashed greed has taken this country to the depths of immorality and hate; the way back is compassion, beginning with caring for the least among us.