Letters to the Editor

Unaffordable care

A recent letter from an insurance veteran expressed umbrage at the “scare tactics, the half-truths and the innuendos from the opponents of Obamacare.” I would submit that if he had sold insurance with terms as provided by the “Unaffordable Care Act,” his company would have gone bankrupt.

Insurance, by definition, is a contract in which one party indemnifies another against loss from a specified contingency. At best, what we have had in the post-WWII era is a first-dollar service contract with insurance attached (a sad result of excessive union contracts). A co-payment for a routine physical is not insurance; it is a service contract — like paying for tune-up coverage for a car. Health insurance would be true insurance if it were focused only on high-dollar medical contingencies, like heart bypass surgery. If an “insured” can sign up for coverage after a contingency becomes reality, what you have is socialized medicine.

In reality, the “Unaffordable Care Act” is nothing more than another means to extract money from taxpayers for redistribution to potential voters. Simply stated, it is another way for government to further control our lives and hasten our march towards national bankruptcy.