Letters to the Editor

Dose of reality

Beryl Bennett’s Nov. 1 Letter to the Editor on the Affordable Care Act is riddled with personal opinion, naiveté and questionable statistics.

For a big dose of reality, Bennett should read the letter by Kimberlee McDermott that immediately follows. Stories of ridiculous increases in the health care premiums of covered Americans are everywhere, including my own story of a health insurance premium increase of $450 per month beginning Jan. 1.

Yet, I feel fortunate, so far. I’m not yet included in the statistics with those hundreds of thousands of poor souls who have been dropped by their health insurance carrier because their coverage does not comport with what the Obama administration “experts” determined must be in every plan — an all-too-real consequence of this ill-conceived disaster called Obamacare. So, hooray for universal health care for all.

Oh, did I mention it’s all possible at the expense of your neighbor? Single-payer, government-regulated, nationally standardized health care is un-American. Period.