Letters to the Editor

Time to grow up

As a newcomer to Morro Bay politics, I continue to be amazed at the goings-on that beset our small town.

It was with great interest that I read Oct. 30 of the fact that Grover Beach, population 13,342, hires outside law firms for their legal needs, as opposed to Morro Bay, population 10,370, which, for decades now, has seen fit to pay a salary, with attendant benefits, for a full-time city attorney. My amazement was intensified when I found that Atascadero, population 28,814, also uses an outside firm in the conduct of its legal matters.

For too many years, Morro Bay has been a charming “beer” town, with a developer-driven “champagne” appetite.

For the first time in decades, we now have duly elected City Council members who are capable of dealing with personnel matters, including cost factors, in abusiness-like manner, as apposed to the “Old Boys’ Club” approach characterized by favoritism afforded cronies.

I think it is time for some of us to grow up and deal with Morro Bay’s problems in adult-like fashion — which, in addition to researching facts, means casting our votes with knowledge to support our educated choices. Never should any recall taint our wonderful community’s image.