Letters to the Editor

Get to know people

I am writing in response to Mr. Joshua Silva’s letter to the editor of Oct. 27 regarding Peoples’ Kitchen.

Every segment of society, Mr. Silva, has in its purview, those persons who choose to partake in activities that the majority of that society sees as negative. I speak of consuming alcohol to excess, smoking tobacco, criminal behavior and dare I say it, urinating in public. Homelessness is not a crime, nor is it a behavior; it is a fact of human existence. That being said, allow me to say that someone’s choice to spend his or her money on tobacco is none of your business, just like it is none of my business to cast aspersion upon you for the habits you attend with your income.

Speaking only for myself as a volunteer with Peoples’ Kitchen, and as a person who is homeless, why don’t you, and the other people in Grover Beach, come out and help us serve these people whom you decry. Come meet us. Find out who we are. I’ll be there on the first and second Thursdays in November with my church group. You might just have a very rewarding experience.