Letters to the Editor

Simplify health care

I agree with Tribune columnist Phil Dirkx that “today’s medical and drug prices are sickening.” But I do not think the free market and competing prices are the answer because I do not want to have the doctor and the hospital looking for ways to cut costs when I go in for a heart transplant.

If you do want to save money, safely, on something such as a hip replacement, go abroad, to some place such as India or Thailand, where competent doctors will do the job for a lot less than here in California.

In truth, health care for profit is almost an oxymoron; if you want to make money, you do not want to insure anybody with cancer or a heart condition, which is what the Affordable Care Act is supposed to rectify, and will after the bugs get worked out of the system.

However, I am in favor of decomplicating the system much further by having single-payer coverage, which seems to work quite well in Western European countries.

Three of my English cousins are M.D.s, and all have visited the U.S. and find that the British way of doing health care accounting is preferable to what they have seen in this country.