Letters to the Editor

Define wasteful

How ironic to read in The Tribune on Wednesday about Grover Beach’s concerns for its future water supply (“Ideas flow for Grover water”) stating that to address its long-term water needs, conservation will be the best option.

Last Sunday, my daughter-in-law, who lives near 13th Street and Long branch Avenue in Grover Beach, reported to the city that there was a pipe or water main break and that hundreds of gallons of water were rushing down the street.

Somebody from the city eventually arrived on scene. He stated that because there are only six people in the department, and that they would have to go all the way over to Manhattan Avenue to shut off the water (less than a mile), they would address the problem Monday. The water continued to gush unabated until Wednesday, when Grover Beach finally saw fit to dispatch a crew to address the broken pipe — a full 72 hours after it was reported.

Conservation? To the city of Grover Beach, it appears conservation is only a word in a dictionary.