Letters to the Editor

Shut down Diablo

I live in Los Osos near Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. I don’t agree with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s stance that the problem of nuclear waste will be solved in the future; it recommends relicensing of the power plant. In fact, the NRC is exposing the county and the people of the state to the real probability of a horrendous nuclear accident.

There is no scientifically proven solution for safely disposing of nuclear waste. The plant was not built to store waste and the waste is stored in vulnerable pools. The only solution is to shut down the plant and move the spent waste into dry casks as soon as possible.

Lastly, the plant sits on or near several active earthquake faults that represent a seismic hazard beyond which the plant was built to withstand, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, namely Jeanne Hardebeck, who discovered the Shoreline Fault. Thus the possibility of a major earthquake at the site is very possible. I ask what would happen to the highly radioactive nuclear waste then?

Another Fukushima.