Letters to the Editor

For Christianson

In “Thrive,” when Dan Buettner’s Blue Zones research team determined that San Luis Obispo is the happiest city in America, he wrote that this distinction has been earned because four decades ago “the town’s focus shifted away from optimizing the business environment to maximizing quality of life.”

When evaluating the candidates in the SLO City Council special election, we urge voters to set aside claims that one candidate or another is a nice person, or the tendency of candidates in local elections to sound alike when describing all the wonderful things they are for. Based on the only distinction that matters, Carlyn Christianson is the only candidate with a voting record to show that she understands what the citizens of SLO meant when they chose the course of maximizing quality of life.

That’s why the Sierra Club has endorsed Carlyn Christianson for City Council, and urges SLO residents interested in their quality of life to go to http://carlynforcouncil.com and find out what you can do to help her get elected.