Letters to the Editor

Toast our veterans

Memorial Day my wife and I will toast the continuing courage and devoted sacrifices of the wives, girlfriends and boyfriends, and mothers and fathers of returning military members who have served in all wars — especially recent conflicts.

Veterans have not only physical wounds, but also much deeper emotional wounds that their military training taught them to bury way inside their souls. Many are not able to admit having these wounds because they were brainwashed into believing such feelings are weaknesses to be overcome instead of normal human feelings to be acknowledged and dealt with openly.

The saddest part is that service people can have their military buddies to commiserate with, but their loved ones generally have to daily deal alone with their changed spouses, partners and friends.

It is a terrible price that these few have to bear for the rest of us for innumerable years to come. For decades and decades after, the Iraq and Afghanistan sacrifices are but brief mentions in the history books of the newest crop of students.

Let us remember and toast all of those who have, are and will be giving so much for the rest of us who are safely and securely in our homes and communities.