Letters to the Editor

We can make a difference

I’m glad The Tribune printed the editorial “Preventable tragedy in Bangladesh” (April 27).

It was a distressing disaster that also “cast a spotlight” on retailers and clothing brands that can show up in our closets. It reminded me that there are some other ways we, personally, can make a difference. Whether it’s Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, etc., our conscience can work in the stock market by choosing socially responsible mutual funds. (SRIs). Fund managers choose companies that hold high standards of good corporate citizenship. Some of these equity funds have performed well over the last few years, but you should invest in SRI funds if you be lieve in “doing the right thing.”

Companies are screened to ensure the stocks chosen stick to social, moral, religious or environmental beliefs. That means, you would not have been supporting companies such as those purchasing clothes from these businesses in Bangladesh. It can help you sleep better.