Letters to the Editor

Narrow agendas

Very soon, the residents of San Luis Obispo will have the opportunity to vote by mail to fill the vacancy on City Council. While most candidates seek endorsements to support their efforts, I will remind everyone that endorsements don’t win elections.

I’m extremely disappointed that an organization like the SLO Democratic Central Committee continues to take an interest in our nonpartisan City Council. Shame on them for thinking their inconsequential endorsement will have any effect on the well-educated and informed electorate here in our community.

I personally have no party affiliation, and think this type of balance is what best serves the community that elected me this past November. In my election, neither candidate who was endorsed by this partisan committee could garner the most votes. This was a national election that solidly elected a Democrat for president and many state legislature seats in Sacramento. I had hundreds of endorsements from individuals and no endorsements from any political party or special interest group.

Please cast your vote by June 18, and disregard organizations with narrowly focused agendas, like the SLO Democratic Central Committee.