Letters to the Editor

Christianson endorsed

I strongly recommend Carlyn Christianson for San Luis Obispo City Council. Our city’s future is at stake. During the next two years, the council needs her knowledge and insight as we update the Land Use and Circulation Element (LUCE), which will guide the city’s development for 25 years.

With more than 10 years of planning experience, Carlyn is by far the most qualified candidate. Not only does she serve on the LUCE Task Force, but she is former chairwoman of the city Planning Commission and is now in her fifth year as a county planning commissioner.

Carlyn has a vision of a dynamic, balanced, sustainable city — and she is an enthusiastic advocate of open space. She is also a seasoned business person with decades of budget, pension and personnel experience. She will work hard to maintain our city’s role as a cultural, economic and environmental regional leader, while promoting fiscal sustainability. Carlyn has a proven track record of outstanding service to the city. She has the experience and vision to be a superb council member.

Our city needs Carlyn on City Council right now; she is simply the right person for the job. Please vote Carlyn Christianson for City Council.