Letters to the Editor

Same silly logic

After 35 years in the classroom, I knew the results of AnnMarie Cornejo’s recent front-page story before I even read it. Forty-some jobs were cut from San Luis Coastal Unified School District, such as high school transportation, summer school, librarians, instructional coaches, English teachers, teacher’s assistants, five bus drivers, two custodians, 10 part-time teachers, bus routers, and one administrator. The bus routes reduced from 28 to 16.

This is the same silly logic I witnessed in my teaching years in Thousand Oaks — a district will cut anyone and everyone who is connected with the teaching and management of the kids. In the above list of no-longer-employed, ask yourself who has the least involvement with the kids: “one administrator.” Show me a school district and I will show you a top-heavy, top-paid group that could be easily reduced. I suggest the school board do its homework and find out who it can weed out in the top of the food chain.