Letters to the Editor

Fracking event helpful

I want to thank Sarah Linn for the April 16 article, “Panel to Discuss Fracking.” The event was well attended, standing-room only, with more than 200 people. Many commented that they learned about the meeting that morning from the article in The Tribune.

The speakers explained what fracking is; what is at stake in a community; how other communities across the country have been affected; what they are doing about it; and what we are doing about it.

As always, the question-and-answer segment got to the heart of the matter, and the plan of action was of specific concern. Straight-talking Doug Shields, a city councilman who passed the first rights-based ban on fracking in the U.S., and Ben Price of Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund were best qualified to answer this question. The consensus is that they did, and in a way we could all understand, making it very clear exactly what it is we need to do next and why.

I think we all left with a heightened awareness of what a special place we live in, and some very positive activity we can do to keep it that way.