Letters to the Editor

Quarry questions

Questions arise after reading the recent Tribune article on the proposed Santa Margarita quarry. Could it be true that 178 to 273 truckloads of granite would be pulled along Highway 58 daily; then presumably through the small town of Santa Margarita, and onto Highway 101, either going north or perhaps south down the steep and dangerous Cuesta Grade?

How would this impact the town and citizens of Santa Margarita? How would this impact the proposed exclusive development of the Santa Margarita Ranch? How would this impact the integrity of the roads and highways? How would this impact the safety of citizens on the roads? To read that the environmental impact draft can’t mitigate aesthetics, views, noise, blasting, air pollution or heavy traffic is astounding. Who made that rule?

I do respect and understand property rights, but not when personal profits override the rights of an entire community and county, for that matter. Something is amiss here.