Letters to the Editor

Democracy is shot

They’re locked, loaded and taking aim. The NRA has shot democracy in the back. Recent polls show up to 90 percent of the American people support a law requiring background checks on all gun sales. This makes absolute sense, and it doesn’t violate the Second Amendment.

But the NRA is waging an all-out assault on sensible gun legislation. The big question is why? Most gun owners support universal background checks. Even NRA leader Wayne LaPierre said a few years ago that “it’s reasonable to provide mandatory background checks for every sale at every gun show. No loopholes anywhere for anyone.” Now, he opposes the idea.

Maybe the NRA’s $250 million annual budget has something to do with it. A big chunk of that money comes from those who sell guns online and at gun shows, as well as gun manufacturers who are major contributors to the NRA.

Do they care about what 90 percent of the American people want? Of course not. Neither do many members of Congress who accept large political donations from the NRA. Democracy, I fear, is about to be left face down in the dirt.