Letters to the Editor

Losing its luster

I recently spent a weekend in downtown SLO. Since 1966, when I first lived in San Luis as a student, I have been visiting the city between five and 10 times each year.

There are two circumstances that I feel are affecting the love affair I have had with the city. Over time I’ve watched the maturing of street trees that have grown to be spectacular. However, during my more recent visits I have been aware of the disappearance of some trees and the substitution of others of very inferior species. An alarming and sad loss!

In walking my usual routes on the sidewalks, I am confronted by the ever-increasing number of cafes and bars that dispense alcohol. Some of the blocks are overwhelmed by the existence of these establishments. It seems to me that for a city that has approximately 26,000 college students, having this degree of available alcohol outlets is a serious error.

The impact of this is quite destructive to any retail business that tries to coexist downtown. A possible consequence is that I and my friends and colleagues will refrain from making our usual stays in San Luis Obispo.

Please know that there are things that concerned citizens can do to help the city rectify these problems.