Letters to the Editor

Bells and trails

As a hiker of many trails that are shared between mountain bikers and us folks on foot (peddlers and bipeds), I’d like to say thank you to the mountain bikers who use a bell or their voices to give me a “heads-up” that they’re coming — thank you, I really appreciate it!

I frequently hike the Cerro San Luis and the Johnson Loop trails and always appreciate those bikers who use the bells, and let me know how many others might be following behind them. I happily wish them well and carry on.

Also, I’d like to salute the folks who set up the bell boxes at the head of these trails (and on top of Cerro San Luis!) In fact, I’d throw a few bucks their way to help keep the bell boxes full of bells, if I knew where to send the money. Thanks again, bikers. Keep the bells ringing!