Letters to the Editor

Court’s faulty logic

David G. Savage and Maura Dolan’s article on same-sex marriage in the April 7 Tribune headlined “High court’s caution surprises sociologists,” reported that the preponderance of evidence from the many studies conducted on the possible negative effects on children raised by same-sex couples has not found any evidence of negative effects. In fact, the studies show that these children are just as stable and well-adjusted as their peers.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is quoted as saying “There is considerable disagreement among sociologists (over) raising a child in a same-sex family, whether it is harmful or not.”

In my opinion, this is more evidence that the people of this country are being ruled by a court that ignores facts and uses faulty logic, which is implicit in careless language to reach illogical conclusions.

A notable example is that newspapers have free speech. Newspapers do not have free speech. The people who write the articles published in the newspapers have free speech — not the newspaper.

This same kind of “logic” was used to give corporations personhood, thus bestowing on corporations all the rights of people and protecting them against the controls that would prevent them from becoming our lords and masters.

We are in trouble.