Letters to the Editor

Love knows no borders

I am writing in response to Cynthia Lambert’s excellent article (“Latino Outreach Council discussion looks at reform,” Tribune, March 28, 2013). I attended the forum; it was a great start to exposing the many facets and far-reaching effects of the broken immigration “system” under which we operate.

As a member of People of Faith for Justice — a local interfaith organization — and the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, I want to add another dimension: We support compassionate, comprehensive immigration reform. Faith communities are standing on the side of love with immigrant families because we know this: Love keeps families together. Love respects the inherent worth and dignity of all people. And love knows no borders.

On June 9, People of Faith for Justice and the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship will hold a community potluck event in San Luis Obispo, Breaking Bread and Building Bridges, to eat together and share our diverse stories of how immigration issues have affected our families, workplaces and communities. The history of the human family is one of migration. All religious denominations have a tradition of “welcoming the stranger.”

If you wish to join us on June 9 at 5 p.m., please contact us through our websites at www.peopleoffaithforjustice.org or http://www.uuslo.org.