Letters to the Editor

A healthy fear

Our public education system has been expanded in many ways to include health and safety. We teach kids about nutrition, exercise, drug and alcohol use and abuse, sex, and driving. We even teach them to be aware of abuse and sexual predators.

According to news stories, there are as many guns in the country as there are people. If we apply the same logic toward gun safety as we have with sexually transmitted diseases, gun safety education is long overdue.

I do want to include a disclaimer. It has been my observation that when some kids are taught to avoid certain unhealthy practices, such as drugs, alcohol and unsafe sex, they seem to gravitate toward them.

The “Four Rules” of gun safety: Kids should be taught a “healthy” fear of guns, and also the safe operation and use of guns. Kids should know to run away when their friends decide to get their dad’s gun out of the closet to play with it, and they should also know how to handle and unload a gun.