Letters to the Editor

State laws stricter

There have been many letters about Sheriff Ian Parkinson’s letter to Vice President Joe Biden. Some letters support the sheriff, while others criticize him.

There seems to be one piece of information either not known or not stated by the writers on either side. The information is that California has the strictest gun laws of any state in the union. In California, it is illegal to own an assault weapon, it is illegal to have a high capacity magazine that holds more than 10 bullets, dealers must be licensed, there must be background checks on all gun shows, and many more restrictions.

There are several bills in the state Legislature now that would close some loopholes and make our laws even tighter. Time magazine recently issued a chart showing eight laws that restrict ownership and sales of guns, and we had all eight of those laws. It does not matter what Congress passes in the way of gun control legislation; they will not be as restrictive and comprehensive as we already have.

I attended an information/education forum a few weeks ago. Sheriff Parkinson was part of that panel. It was very clear that Sheriff Parkinson supports the state’s gun laws and he enforces them.