Letters to the Editor

Limits on choice

On March 21, Viewpoint writer Mike Broadhurst suggested that GMO corn increases our food buying choices. You can choose normal corn or insecticidal corn. Problem is, with all that GMO corn’s windblown pollen, nobody gets to choose to not get their corn infected. Thanks, Mike.

Ban GMOs? That might be like when the EPA outlawed DDT and Chlordane. Those were also very popular farm and garden insecticides.

Mr. Broadhurst wrote: “DNA is DNA ” Oh, and that the FDA has vetted this stuff. Not exactly. The FDA has agreed to not regulate the GMO industry, which does its own “testing.” The EPA regulates chemicals, not food. GMOs conveniently fall through an unregulated crack. Currently, the BT corn insecticide is being connected to various allergies and immune system disruptions in humans. Google it.

Why did Monsanto, the choice sweetheart, spend so many millions to defeat Proposition 37, which simply asked that we be allowed to make informed choices? The real reason food crops are genetically modified and patented is to limit the choices farmers have. Biotech firms have bought up and gutted the majority of seed companies. Gone. Probably 70-plus percent of all the old food crop varieties are gone.

Some choice.