Letters to the Editor

A voice for voiceless

Thank you, Bob Cuddy, for these past eight years of covering county government here in SLO. To reassure you that you have made a difference I, as a professional clinical social worker, have seen informed public awareness develop because you educated The Tribune readers with details of the how, why and complex reality of “the afflicted.”

March is Social Work Month during which time social workers celebrate their profession and those individuals who reflect our Code of Ethics: To help people in need, to challenge social injustice, to respect the inherent dignity and worth of a person, to recognize the central importance of human relationships, to behave in a trustworthy manner and to practice with competence.

We honor you as one who supported our ethical standards by writing “truth to power,” and reminding those who take the responsibility of governance that they must include all the community in their decision-making.

Be assured that not only have you been an outstanding journalist, your words have given a “voice to the voiceless.” Please keep ‘scribbling’ as you move into retirement. Social workers, our clients, and their families continue to need your special abilities to communicate.