Letters to the Editor

Don’t be surprised

The dozens of SLO business owners who appeared recently before the City Council to object to plans to boutique-ize the Victoria Street area seemed genuinely shocked to see their objections ignored.

Mayor Jan Marx and Councilmember John Ashbaugh acted as if small business owners who have been productive job creators in that area for decades are merely impediments to city staff’s grandiose plan to make what is now a vibrant hybrid of manufacturers, repair facilities, retail outlets and residences into a playground for the aristocrats these politicians represent.

You objectors are surprised because you have not, like many of us, watched this council in operation for years. These politicos are led around by the nose by City Manager Katie Lichtig, who runs the show from her Beverly Hills-bred perch, high above the rest of us.

Sorry to tell you unwashed manufacturers: You’ll get responsive government only when this council is removed.