Letters to the Editor

On Cuddy’s work

Two recent pieces in The Tribune got to me.

Stephen L. Carter’s commentary regarding the lack of independence in journalism (Voices, March 23) prompts a hearty “Bravo!” and “Amen!” The quality of the present White House press corps is especially disappointing. It seems to me too many are more concerned about career building than quality journalism.

Reading that Bob Cuddy is retiring is troubling. After a career in journalism, I think I’ve got a gut for quality.

Cuddy’s reporting was thorough, balanced, well sourced and illuminating. His columns were insightful, thoughtful and provocative, when appropriate. I sensed early in my reading of his work that he was an old pro. Reading of his résumé the other day validated my hunch. He covered government and politics with intelligence and depth.

His eloquent piece on Sunday, questioning his contribution to the Great Ledger and his worth, bespeaks an individual who cares and who contributed, indeed. A life in journalism is not an easy path, and only an honest and caring person would dare pose the questions he did at the end of a career.

I’ve read his work for only six years and I am sorry there will be no more in The Tribune. In my ledger, his work mattered and had worth. I’ll miss it.