Letters to the Editor

Watch what you eat

Regarding Mike Broadhurst’s Viewpoint in the March 21 Tribune: Other consumers and I don’t have a direct line to God either, but we have a direct line to scientists. Putting into corn a gene that triggers pesticide action is a risk of major proportions. I could call that playing God, but it seems more like playing Devil.

Citing an experiment several years ago in consumers choosing unblemished ears of corn is irrelevant today. Each year has brought increasing awareness of the effects of substances that our bodies didn’t evolve to handle, such as pollutants, insecticides, herbicides. The rise in cancer, immune diseases, birth defects may be the result.

As for freedom of choice: I choose not to chance the health of my family. Besides having a backyard garden, last year I decided to eliminate as many GMOs as possible in ingredients such as corn, soy, canola and beet sugar.

It seemed daunting, as they are in almost everything, but it turned out easier than I thought. The key is which stores I patronize. I take pleasure in supporting those growers and vendors who help us be careful about what we put into our bodies.

We are what we eat.