Letters to the Editor

No guns in schools

It seems that Jody Langford is determined to have the last word on guns in school, line of civility and most anything else (Letters, March 22).

Well. Jody, County Superintendent of Schools Julian Crocker’s response to the NRA’s call for trained guards in schools — “We try to get guns out of school” — meant that he wanted to avoid schools becoming armed camps.

In January, the community of Highland, N.Y., hired a police officer to guard one of its schools. On March 7, that officer discharged his weapon in the school hallway by mistake. No one was hurt, but the trauma suffered by the pupils cannot be ignored. That is a good example of the danger of having even “good guns” in school.

Mr. Crocker’s response was most appropriate and well thought out; most intelligent readers understood its meaning. Most citizens of a civilized nation agree that a school need not and should not be an armed camp.