Letters to the Editor

Winged entertainers

We were newcomers in Sacramento when my wife came home from a birthday party at her boss’s home. She was enthralled by the hummingbirds at their feeders. Hummers were new to us from Des Moines.

I bought feeders, filled them with sugar water and hung them at the edge of our deck, where we could see them from the dining room window. And they came.

Their hum was a pleasant sound when we were sunning on the deck.

One morning at the dining table, I noticed one of the hummers settled on the railing of our deck. It was acting peculiarly. Almost like a drunk person, I thought.

Oh no! Could it be? I rushed out to the feeders and smelled them. Yes! The sun had turned the sugar water to wine. And the bird was drunk.

When we moved here, I put feeders outside our dining room window. One hummer was belligerent and possessive, diving at “intruders.”

So I put another on the opposite side of our home. That little bird decided to guard both, rushing across the rear of our home. Once, I was in our backyard when it zoomed around the corner, dodging my head by inches.