Letters to the Editor

Bravo, Parkinson

In an ideal world, there would only be good guys, and we would not need law enforcement. In asecond-best ideal world, law enforcement officials would be all we need to be safe from the bad guys.

In an ideal world, there would be no corruption, and all government officials would be honorable.

But our forefathers knew there would never be an ideal world; thus, they wrote the Second Amendment that guarantees that all citizens may bear arms in order to protect themselves when the above ideals cave in.

Kudos to Sheriff Ian Parkinson for taking a stand against gun control and upholding the Second Amendment. Being a smart guy, he realizes that law enforcement cannot disarm all the bad guys and guarantee our safety.

And we have learned from past and present events that when governments disarm their people, they then have absolute power and they misuse that power — and are sorely tempted to subjugate their citizens.

The smart guys can differentiate between ideals and reality.