Letters to the Editor

Myers coverage on target

Thank you for publishing the ignorant and disrespectful letters received from readers disturbed by the coverage of the Dystiny Myers case (Ask the Editor, March 21).

The Tribune’s coverage of the trial is an obligation to its readers, because understanding how circumstances lead to certain events is our only hope of preventing such tragedies in the future.

The sad details of what led a young girl to trust those awful people are a tragic, real-life example of what happens when a naïve and lonely person meets the wrong kind: one who knows exactly how to manipulate the innate rebellious desire of youth to be bad.

What could have been the future of that beautiful girl if a different community member had reached out to her: a friend from school, a relative, a teacher?

Instead of burying this reality behind banal articles on politics or the budget crisis, The Tribune is right to place this as front-page news.

There are probably hundreds of Dystinys out there, making the wrong choices because, due to circumstance, they have not been led to a better example.

Perhaps this will help to remind us to keep our eyes and hearts open if any cross our paths, perhaps one of us can change their “destiny.”