Letters to the Editor

The sewer show

At age 94, partially disabled and a 61-year resident of Los Osos, I do not have a whole lot of entertainment, but this morning it was “showtime” right in my front yard. Big ditch-digging machines were gracefully preparing for future sewer hookups. It was not unlike a modern ballet of mammoth proportions. Each “dancer” in perfect timing, carefully executing each movement in precise steps. The operators set the stage to the tune of rhythmic beeps that were heralding the coming of a brand new day (in Los Osos) at long last.

Questions were asked, and the workers could not have been more forthcoming with their explanations of the job they were doing.

It was an education in how things can be done with the least amount of fuss and bother. I am glad I was in the “audience” just inside my “picture window.” On with the show!