Letters to the Editor

Parkinson’s stance on gun control

Ian Parkinson
Ian Parkinson The Tribune

A recent letter lauding Sheriff Ian Parkinson for his Second Amendment stance truly made me think. Personally, I believe background checks, mental health screenings and a 10-shot clip capacity are reasonable.

I also agree with Sheriff Parkinson that weapons should never be confiscated from legitimate gun owners. However, the analogies offered in past letters really test the envelope of reality for some of us who would love to see a reasoned approach to gun violence.

Drunken driving and airline hijackings should not cause a ban on automobiles or flight travel, but there are limitations restricting what is allowed on our roadways and in our skies. The DMV and CHP do a good job of keeping unsafe vehicles off our highways, and the FAA can ground planes that have defects.

The key to solving woes in Washington and Sacramento is compromise. It is a logical, reasoned approach that throws both sides of our national issues a bone, without savaging each others opinions.

A wise man once replied to my query, “Are you mad at me?” with this answer, “There are only mad dogs.” I thought about that for a week before I asked him what he meant. He told me humans have minds that can reason, therefore they do not need to go for the throat when they get upset.

He said, “If I am ever mad at you, I will tell you so and we can discuss it.” That is the tone our nation’s politicians need.