Letters to the Editor

Wastewater reuse

The communities of Morro Bay and Cayucos are on their way to developing a new method of recycling their wastewater.

At a special meeting of the Cayucos Sanitary District Board on March 5, each member outlined their ideas and goals to solve the issue of replacing the old water treatment facility on the beach. A consultant was hired to help them accomplish the “due diligence” necessary for the ratepayers in that community. An idea announced by Mr. Robert Enns, president, was to develop the California Men’s Colony Water Treatment Plant into a regional facility.

At the Morro Bay City Council meeting on March 12, they reviewed the same subject and approved the preparation of a request for proposals to select a person to develop all of the options for Morro Bay. Interest was also expressed in the CMC regional facility concept, subject to a thorough review of all other options.

The two communities met with the Regional Water Quality board March 7 and were commended on the forwardlooking ideas that were heard. The board agreed to extend the necessary time to complete the project.

The completion of the new water treatment facility is still a long way off, but the two communities are facing the challenge in a responsible way, and the citizens need to commend their elected officials for their leadership.