Letters to the Editor

Different location, same atrocity

The massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890 was the tragic conclusion of a government policy that had been forced upon a subservient people. As the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Thomas Morgan stated a year after this tragedy: “The Indians must conform to the white man’s ways even by force if necessary.”

We see the same policy being enacted in Gaza and the West Bank by Israel.

Of course this militant attitude has had and is having opposition — in the case of Gaza, Hamas fired rockets into Israel. The Native Americans attempted to fight back, right from the very first destructive exploitation of their lands by encroaching whites.

The result in both cases was the killing of men, women and children by highly sophisticated organizations that resulted in little or no change in attitudes.

“I did not know then how much was ended. When I look back now from my old age, I can still see the butchered women and children and I can still see that something else died in the bloody mud. A people’s dream died there. It was a beautiful dream.”— Black Elk.