Letters to the Editor

Misguided outrage

I would like to offer a bouquet and brickbat of my own first a bouquet to Sheriff Ian Parkinson for making public his views on the Second Amendment and current proposed gun-control legislation. Certainly a brave move on his part that is already bringing him a notable amount of heat here on the opinion pages.

He presented a very logical and thought provoking argument against the type of knee-jerk legislation currently being proposed and instead focused on the real issue, mental health reform.

As for my brickbat, I’d like to present that to The Tribune Editorial Board for its response to the sheriff’s stance. While the board did give him at least partial credit for his views on mental health reform, it took issue with his statement that he will elect not to enforce laws that, in his view, violate the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Rather than laud him for standing up for law-abiding citizens, the board instead chose to attack Parkinson and advocate for more of the same stale gun-control legislation that has been proven wholly ineffective.

Selective enforcement is nothing new locally or nationally. Unfortunately, neither is misguided outrage by The Tribune.