Letters to the Editor

Climate action

Kudos to Rep. Lois Capps for pursuing climate change legislation as described in The Tribune (March 8). I am glad that Rep. Capps and the California Coastal Commission recognize the risks to our beautiful coastline and are taking the potential impacts of climate change seriously.

The focus of this legislation is to put into place preparedness plans for the damage caused by global warming. While I recognize the need for damage control, I am also very interested in measures that reduce the greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

The Climate Protection Act proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Barbara Boxer places fees on coal, oil and natural gas at the first point of sale and then rebates the revenue back to American households. This revenue-neutral tax on carbon gives the proceeds back to the consumers. With a predictable price on carbon, investors can shift away from fossil fuels and toward clean energy like wind and solar. This supports the free market, rather than looking to big government to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Thank you to those legislators who are working on a variety of solutions to solve this very complex issue.